Mittwoch, 5. August 2015


After realizing that 1 1/2 months away from home weren't enough and that I felt more wanderlust than homesickness, I chose to escape again and to see more of the world...

I was craving for that feeling I had after my first travels to Canada and New York, which I can remember and will never forget, but cannot feel. It was something that I never experienced before, or at least don't remember to have experienced. It was kinda like a big ball of growing satisfaction, happiness, excitement and gratefulness. For my family at home. And for the possibility to do such amazing things like travelling alone, realizing that I really really needed time for my own to figure things out, see new places I've never seen before, meet new people that reveal what real respect for each other, dreams and all the events that happen in live mean. Brandon and Veronika, to name my two little personal heros of that (too) short period of my life.. Two people who just were able to change something in my person in such a positive way.
But I didn't want to talk about my first journey. Since I started my big journey around the world in April I consider myself as a globetrotter and the real intention of this blogpost was to tell you about it! Not now. But there will be coming blogposts of all my stations around the world - I wanted to do that earlier, but I just haven't found the time yet (which is understandable, I guess). And I will start with my experiences from Bali - because that was the station before Thailand, where I currently am sitting in front of a little bungalow maybe 10 meters away from the beach. Blogposts of my time in beautiful Canada and New York will follow somewhere in between, I think, because I want to be able to express my memories, thoughts and feelings in the best possible way - therefore I was just to slow after Canada & New York - but I will try my best to tell you about those awesome places, too.

But for now have an awesome day peeps and stay tuned for my first travel post about Bali! :)

                                                     ttys, Lina <

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