Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016


So this text was actually planned to come on your stream the day I caught my last flights bringing me back home but i was too busy smiling and waving (not) to my boys who gave me a shelter my last days in 🌏SYDNEY🌏 and brought me to the airport to finally get my ass out of their country:P thanks again Andrew Dylan Liam &Co u guys are awesome.

Also I wanted to make this text perfect - but what in this world is perfect. So this is all u get because I love yous all and it makes me happy knowing that I got u all spread out in this world…

So after these one and a half years of traveling I arrived back home. Well, at least my body. And while my mind is still finding out how to handle this place that I called home for all of my life it’s time to shout out a big THANK YOU! I learned incredibly much, grew and explored. I am thankful for every second used discovering little pieces of this planet, for all the beautiful souls I was lucky to meet as well as for every random conversation I had and all these stories I heard, filling my mind with good thoughts.

I am thankful for one of the biggest treasures Veronika who walked into me on Halloween night in Chelsea, 🌎NEW YORK CITY🌎 and constantly became one of my greatest inspirations and motivations by simply being the beautiful person she is. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face again, at least via Skype (for now!). I am thankful for Lisa who probably still doesn't know what an honour it was for me taking pictures of her in the streets of this incredible city. Martin and Chris who got me drinking some beer in a pub even tho i was 19 and Altin who apparently left a piece of her heart in canada as well as i did.
I'm thankful for my love Laura for exploring 🌏BALI🌏 with me, being a sunshine every second of the day and letting our friendship grow on other places of this world than home. Ketut Lanang will make me surfpro in kuta one day!
My Melvin that I got to know in the probably hardest time of my life who joined me through 🌏THAILAND🌏. Was so good to see you last weekend. Actually I wanted to spread this happiness that I experienced while being away, but seems like old Lina comes back quicker in this shithole than I was thinking.
Being alone in 🌏KUALA LUMPUR🌏 there are people that take you out on ladies night to enjoy free drinks! Fanny Lyndsey ...
Thanks Sheikh Fahmi for showing me some nice spots in SINGAPORE and Kenneth Choo Photography for giving me the chance to be part of a real photoshooting and to meet this incredible soul Cac Lam.
Thanks Tim&Julien for taking me on this sick road 🌏NEW ZEALAND’s🌏 north island and making me do things I never would've done not traveling with two crazy guys! Happy I got some girl power of Lisa and Carolin the last days tho - and as I saw not only me. And here's to my heart Pauline for being just a matching piece to weird me and making adventure south island the best fun! Soon in switzerland i wand to see this shuffling feet go crazy again and bring my little sister dog to meet saxo! lots of bisous! 
Furthermore it was funny running into known faces from home as well as into Emilie who I met on my first night in 🌏MELBOURNE🌏 after getting to know Vanessa and Sara, who became a part of me while smashing it at work in 🌏MOREE🌏 as well as these Samoan guys Elekana Letoi who showed me how to throw the footy right. Go all blacks! Thanks beautiful Ana from Fiji for showing me yummi iceblocks and real islander temperament and to all the au pair girls Jenny Swantje Scarlett Annapaola ..., workmates Anthony and other human beings Thomas James ... for making our time in this place better than ever expected, nights out in the po so much fun and our start in Australia such a good one. Off to explore a bit of the East Coast - especially time in aussitel 🌏COFFS HARBOUR🌏 stays in my mind thanks to all these energetic heads ‪#‎toomanynames‬, bonfires at the beach and shitting my pants because of tradition jetty jumping. Ended up being an au pair on Australia's 🌏GOLD COAST🌏 (not my job) getting to know this awesome Spanish chic Montse RM, them other au pair girls Emma Pauline  ... and Adnan to enjoy free time (especially Friday nights out in surfers) with. New Years Eve at the Falls Festival where I caught up with known faces again like my Sara and Swanni and Chris. After adventure Newzealand then off to 🌏TASMANIA🌏 where my travel buddy George got me in contact with the most interesting people Lalou Damien Amit, made me sneak into a psytrance festival which was fucking sick and is the reason that I now want to go to a Rainbow Gathering so badly! Back on Straya’s mainland up in 🌏CAIRNS🌏 went snorkeling with my Jazz peeps Jade Suzie ... and made the best decision ever - get aware of useless stuff and replace it with a tent. After going on adventures on 🌏FRASER ISLAND🌏, where I basically ran into my other love from Moree Vanesh, this tent was my home for the last months of my journey that I spent in 🌏THE JUNGLE🌏And this place i can actually not put into words, I miss it like crazy and i know that it does the same to everyone who enters it - everyone of you knows the magic of this place and BYRON BAY and I’m sure you know what I want to tell you. A place that allows people to learn and grow and live life as they want. Where people get the chance to improve themselves and to meet people that inspire and help you in so many ways just by being the individuals they are. I miss Byron Bay and the jungle fam, i miss waking up in my 2 person tent that im forced to leave at like 8 am because the sun that hits the firestrip warms it up so quick. I miss listening to your jam sessions and always meeting someone at the beach and running to all the puppies that walk around and don’t get me started with these amazing sunsets. Drinking lisas little fat lamb in the jungle hut before hitting the brewery for reggae night or open mic, the screams for the bus to town, as well as the ones at 4:20 - there was always one scream coming from a tent somewhere after everyone already screamed and when such a small thing makes you smile every single time you know you found a place that is special. And now I started anyways and I could sit here until tomorrow morning even tho everything i wanted to say is that I love every single one of you crazy bushturkeys. Thank you for this amazing time once again. And even tho my heart broke leaving this place even after only 3 months a little lit up piece stayed. So, u beautiful minds, watch out in this world and always stay Byron…Oh Oh Oh! ‪#‎waytoomanynames‬‪#‎allpictureswillbesharedinourgroupthefollowingdays‬
And last but not least here’s to my beautiful 🌎CANADA🌎, where I left piece of my heart even tho I never would’ve thought so. Because i probably never wouldn’t have ended up in this beautiful country without my Schnieecks who basically was the reason that brave Lina came out to play and sat her ass in these first planes. I thank you so much as well as the beautiful Eger family Lucie Vince of course including Jo, who showed me that it isn’t that hard to leave a place behind to be able to live another (happier) life - cause life is what you make it, right?;) And then there is Brandon, and even tho we rarely talk i want you to know that you are and ever will be one of the most impressive people that I’ve met in my life, and another big motivation that i made this step of following my heart, not my mind (which basically was shaped by others). Thanks to Amanda and Cory and Karen for always welcoming our annoying bums, Bethany and Stephanie for sharing and welcoming me to live out passion photography with me and of course Kyles, who became a good friend after i was a lonely weirdo in salmon arm. I miss all of you heaps and i cannot wait to be back, seeing your friendly canadian faces again and eat poutine until i roll around instead of walk. HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL OF YOU. Ohhh Canada 
I got so many more pictures but not enough time to get more good ones out and to even look through them to get lost in memories but the day will come...!

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