Montag, 22. Februar 2016


Tasmania was an adventure that included awesome nature, but even more than that beautiful and interesting people!
I arrived in Hobart after a short night sleeping at Melbourne Airport and still being stocked from how awesome New Zealand was, met my travelbuddy Philipp pretty quick who was nice company and got me in contact with all the nice people I met the few days. We started crazy actions like sneaking in a festival in the bush (sadly only for the last day/night), but it was just fucking amazing – Fragtangular was like a new world for me...and it was nice! After being back in Hobart still surrounded by the people doing 3 days hardcore party we met a guy just walking through the city at night (unfortunately missing the firework because too slow haha) who invited us for guess what – more party! Happy Chinese New Year! 
Feeling it was time to go back in the Nature we left for Freycinet National Park, ended up at a nice Campsite the same day, where we saw an old Penguin coming on the beach, probably to die, the next morning, which was said, but in some way also a very impressive experience. After a stop in St. Helens we arrived at Bay of fires where we spent a sick day exploring, climbing and jumping over rocks, just enjoying life, ending the day at a beautiful campground right next to the massive orange rocks! Lalou playing the Ukulele on top of a rock, clear blue ocean on the one site of the view, biiig forest and hills just on the other...a picture I will definitely never forget. Next up was Launceston where we spent a nice time just strolling through the city, going to the Gorge and visiting the Museum and Art Gallery before saying goodbye to Lalou and Damien.
Left behind with too much space in the car, Jing joined us for the rest of the trip – Cradle Mountain, where it was fuuucking cold, but we went for a nice hike anyways after I spent the day before in the pretty town Sheffield, spotting a Wombat on my way back to the National Park (unfortunately only got a picture of its ass as it didn't appreciate my company very much – I was happy anyways!) piking up my two chaots Jing and Philipp. After that trying to make the best out of cold rainy days in the West, seeing Strahan and Queenstown before heading back to Hobart, where we spent a nice last night in the tent at the beach before I had to catch my flight up to Cairns (where it is fuuucking hot again – no complaining!).

Unfortunately I didn't have my Camera with me in the most impressing situations, which is sad on the one side, but gave me the opportunity to just fully live in the moment as well...

For the next months I'm gonna travel without my Laptop because backpack-is-so-heavy-I-rather-change-some-stuff-against-a-tent-and-let-life-just-happen lifestyle decision!

So bye for now and greez from up in Cairns, will talk to yous in a few months with new hopefully also awesome stories! See yaaaaas!

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