Freitag, 5. Februar 2016


Everyday I'm shoveling...
First job in Australia - not what we were hoping for after a certain Mick person was promising us a bit too much (12 hours,7 days a week&a shitton of money saved up after 3 months of work), but still a better month than everyone of us was expecting. Being picked up by Eddie sitting lonely in front of the Westpack searching for Internet in this shithole after being randomly asked for sex by a scary man (Moree – New South Wales' crime capitol - “Girls, never walk around alone when it's dark, seriously!” - yep, after the first few days we realized that as well...) the place changed in a way none of us was even hoping for after being picked up from Eddie, who fortunately kept his promise and didn't kidnap me, in front of the Westpac haha. Meeting more awesome people to hang out with after work, Saturday nights in the PO with aftershows at Kearnsy's, learning how to throw the foody right and even the one or other funny coworker (who turned out as scary men as well, as Vanesh can tell) we ended up having the best time and such a hard saying goodbye after our last weekend in “fucking Newcastle”. Miss you guys heaps – thanks for this awesome time!

And because it just had to be once again, here Vanessas text expressing what we all were feeling:
You guys really can't imagine how much you mean to me, and how tough it was saying goodbye ... But just for now!
I know that we are going to meet up again in the future!!And a big thank you to all my gorgeous friends in Moree! It's been a pleasure meeting you since you've made "boring Moree" to an "almost livable" village! Unfortunately it's still Moree
It's just weird that it really feels like leaving a small part of myself behind but I think that's the thing about travelling. You know that you've made friends with awesome people you can go through thick and thin with. And more important that you always have a reason to come back, to catch up and to start a new adventure with them. 
Thanks for being an important part of my journey!

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