Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016


My first two weeks in Australia were just chaotic, yet so refreshing and motivating in the same time. The first things I learned when I arrived? - It's the best plan to have no plan, always go with the flow. And that's something I recognized on all my travels. Sometimes it's just best to not even try to make any plans, 'cause they will change anyways. And even though I'm just a planer person who writes down every little step ever, it's nice to try to be more spontaneous and just let things happen. Cause especially now on my travels it's time for things like that.
So, the first spontaneous thing about 2 hours after my plane landed in Melbourne and I got some Sangria vouches for the bar that belongs to the hostel – just throwing my stuff in the room and being welcomed in Australia with some good cheap goon – where from people warned me.
Anyways, Melbourne is a nice city which kinda reminds me little bit of a mix of the business and chic flair of New York mixed with the creativity and charm of Vancouver, my love. It is just a nice place to be! So was St. Kilda. This suburb reminds you of Venice beach in Cali, people on the beach, cute cafes but still such an alternative charm.
As the plan was finding a job as quick as possible to top up my travel budget a bit again, I searched through gumtree and everything worked out pretty good (after I got 3 jobs in the city which first convinced me to stay in there for a bit the farmwork just seemed to be something you couldn't say no to. So I didn't.).

But before heading up further north I had to see the great ocean road! So I started a 3 days roadtrip with 2 other German girls seeing all the breathtaking stuff the great ocean road and Grampians National Park have to offer. After seeing some first Koalas and lots of Kangaroos I realized that I just really have arrived in Australia!:)
Before taking the train up to Moree, where the working place was, I spent my first Couch surfing experience in Crunchy Town – which was more than awesome!!! The nicest people in a fantastic place living life as it should be lived! I was absolutely sad to leave this place (and that my camera somehow didn't save the pictures I made in that period of time...) – def want to go there again giving all those people a big hug before leaving Oz..

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