Montag, 28. Dezember 2015


I think I never looked forward to a birthday with such mixed feelings as to this one. First of all – obviously - it's just a number. And even though we grow up with these numbers kinda putting us in different “stages” of growing up, it stays a number that changes from one day to another, you won't in those couple of hours.
But still it is actually a kind of changing feeling when you come to your two as first digit of your age. 20. That doesn't sound like growing up anymore. In that episode of life you're just kinda responsible to get your shit together – and as it often seemed to me looking at the society I grew up with : ASAP.
Otherwise it also feels good to become an adult. You just learn to make your own decisions – and stand up for them if they were shit. Your parents become more of a friend than more or less just an adult respect person. And stop giving a fuck about what other people say or might think when you realize that it just brings you down.

But the best thing – and that just really came into my mind while doing stupid ass boring stuff at work: you're absolutely not supposed to make a super exact step by step masterplan about how to get your shit together in the next couple years. Cause if there's a meaning of people being on this stupid blue-green planet it can not be the step by step one lot of people tell you is to make society “working”. If you think it could make you HAPPY – okay, go. But if it is just a thing society put in your mind and you're just following it...why don't you think bigger and stop to only exist but actually start living.

These are some older words as my birthday was October. But I just felt like posting it as there are somehow 3 times of years that feel like being special in a way of shaping me... 

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