Montag, 14. September 2015


Spore. This little dot on the Globe is art! And pure magic at night...

The first thing I saw of Singapore when I arrived with the bus at Harbor Front at around 10 pm where the sparkling lights of the cable cars to Sentosa Island hovering in the black sky and leaving me standing there with an open mouth. And the amazement did go on - also during daytime! Just walking around Marina Bay and also on the Orchard Shopping Road you will see buildings that only let you ask yourself: how genius was that architect?! And while most people turn around at Merlion Park after seeing the popular lion statue - trust me, walk around the whole bay it's just such a nice place to stare at things and let your mind get lost. Especially at night, cause after the sun's down the beautiful lights everywhere just put the city the cherry on top! And I'm not only talking about the well known laser an light shows at the Marina Bay Sands (watch it from the front of the Shops at Marina Bay, where the fountains are: the lasers conjure pictures on them and the music is like all around you -  just such a fascinating and cool thing to see!), just everything looks even more amazing when it's dark! And here's my secret tip: while most people think the must-sees stop with the garden's by the bay, be a badass and walk on in direction of the barrage. There's a building you can walk up on with a nice greenfield on top and you can see the Singapore Flyer, the beautiful Supertrees, Marina Bay Sands behind them, the Stadium and some other buildings playing with awesome light effects all in one view! I loved that place.
Another pretty place to take a walk at are the botanic gardens and if you have luck there will be a concert in the park and you can just feel real Singaporean atmosphere as lots of locals meet up there for having picnics and doing sports!
Due to the easy understandable MRT (even for culchies like me haha) it's just fun exploring the city. You can make little detours to Little India, Chinatown or the Holland Village, where you will also find some food courts to avoid the high prices of restaurants.
Two things I did't do but are very popular are a trip to Sentosa Island and a walk up on Mount Faber. I actually wanted to do that on my last day but as it was just so hazy I decided to be satisfied with a stroll around the promenade at VivoCity - which really is a satisfying place!
And to bring this post to an end a last little tip for art- enthusiasts: the entry in the Singapore Arts Museum is on Fridays 6pm - 9pm for free. It's not very big but it's quite worth to take a look!:)

After a nice time in this impressing city(-state) I'm now saying goodbye to Singapore and
 am ready to start adventure Down Under tomorrow - Melbourne here I come!:) 
Will talk to you from there - chreerio, the Lina!:) 

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  4. These photos are great. Your an amazing photographer!