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Bangkok - Koh Samui - Khao Sok - Phuket - Koh Phi Phi - Krabi


One night in Bangkok. Well no, actually 3.
Arriving in Bangkok at around 10 pm, running around at the airport to find my dear Melmel and trying to understand the Skytrain together (which is actually not too hard haha) we arrived in our accommodation on Sukhumvit Road near Nana station. And after talking 'til like 3 am it was time to sleep.
We started the first day relaxed, walked around a bit and chilled in Lumpini Park - a nice little space of green in the middle of the city. Looked at each other with big eyes when at 6 o'clock music started, everybody stopped walking and listened to the national anthem. Something normal as we realized the next days. Even at the Skytrain station (a usual pretty busy place) people stopped with whatever they were doing.
The next day was planned to be our Sightseeing tour what turned out as a good idea cause thanks to my badass companion Melli, who just wanted to walk over the street while the light was red, we got to talk to a nice man who told us that it was a special day and the Tuk Tuk's would bring you to all the Buddhas and Temples you want to see for 20 Baht! So lazy Melvin and me didn't think about wandering on after we walked along the same street for like 30 minutes searching to get to our next destination. After we saw the great palace which was awfully crowded with tourists the Tuk Tuk brought us to the Big Buddha, the Black Buddha and the Golden Mountain.
For saying out a real hello and goodbye to pretty Bangkok at the same time the Red Sky Rooftop Bar was an awesome place! What a view (and yummi cocktails hehe)!

Koh Samui

We were ready for the beach (also Melli, who forgot her Bikini at home - the like most important thing you need for Thailands beautiful beaches - but well, a good excuse to buy a new one:P ). We enjoyed Koh Samui at Mae Nam, having a bungalow directly at the beach (well, second row). But besides nice beaches like Maenam, Chaweng and Boh Put Beach Koh Samui has a lot more to offer like the Wat Plai Laem with the Guanyin staute, the fat,laughing Buddha& Co, the Coral Cove View Point and probably one of the nicest big Buddhas of Thailand. The best way to explore the Island: scooter (as there are not many chances to get lost because there's that one big street around the Island. - around 180 Bt for the day).

Khao Sok

Rain. I guess that's the word we said the most, the thing we saw the most and an asshole that was kinda annoying while our stay in Kaoh Sok. But well, what did we expect in the rain forest. It wasn't too bad actually...:) The original plan was to sleep in a tree house but, well, we ended up in a bungalow (which was good as I can't even walk with my fcking heavy backpack - as I showed in Bangkok when my face kissed the street thanks of my fat backbaby). But enough complaining - even tho the weather was changing as Melvin her outfits we made the best of it. Which ended up with two almost to hippo mutated girls, walking bare feet through the National Park, searching for Thailands amazing Wildlife. We saw a bird. One. Bird. Well, it had a yellow stomach, which led him on our 'coolness-scale' to a four instead of a three.
------------------Sorry for the negative vibes - either I don't have a good writing day or that station of our trip was really kinda disappointing for us haha------------------------------------------------------
Well, but it's not the end yet. We asked around what would be the best chance to see the forest from the top of a mountain. The elephant-trekking-tour. I am actually still not sure why we made it. Well, it was an impressing feeling sitting on top of such a big animal and being able to be so close to it. But I knew it before and it's still like it - I'm just too much of an animal lover to say that it was good. They treated the Elephant good, they gave it breaks and it listened to their voices. But I don't want to know how they taught it to be like this. Elephants are not there to be a tourist attraction, at least not in that way. They should stand around, eat the whole day and chill with their buddies in a water paddle.
Okay. I thinks it's enough of Khao Sok! But before jumping to the next station, which was Phuket, here something to close the Khao Sok chapter with something good (really really good). (.......Of course. Food.)

Tips: Food

  •  Baan Khao Sok Resort: BEST PATHAI ON EARTH! 


We decided we were in Partymood, which was why we chose to stay in Patong Beach. And well, as people said - the beach is not nice which is why we were happy to stay in a hotel with a pool on top. And the Party street... I don't know. It reminded me of the "Reeperbahn" in Hamburg, Germany. Only even more disturbing if you end up at the wrong places haha. Which is sometimes kinda unavoidable: if you just stay a little bit too long there to look at the prices (which are adapted to the tourist area) the people standing outside the bars and clubs hold you in front of your face, and just give them the smallest sign that you will maybe go to have a little look inside, some of them will pull you with them to place you at the bar. And stay next to you. And stare. As long as you finally set an order. It sucked.

Tips food/ party:

  •  Malin Plaza: Just around the corner from where we stayed we had an opportunity to evade the more expensive typical tourist restaurants: Malin Plaza. People selling good food for lower prices.
  •  Seduction: At least our night at Bangla Road didn't take a bad end. After working our way from bar to bar we ended up in the Seduction club. It was full, some nice people were around and the music was fine, too.

Koh Phi Phi

One station probably most travelers wandering through Thailand head to: Koh Phi Phi Don. And I understand why. This place is awesome (I think I said that from the first minute when we arrived 'cause it reminded me a bit of Gili T)!
Sweating your ass off by walking up the steep paths and like 100000 (too many) stairs on viewpoint (2) is absolutely worth it! Especially in the morning when the water is still high it's just a must to go up there and have a look at that beautiful blue water!
Another thing we wanted to see pretty bad was Monkey Beach. We thought it would be fun when we saw those pictures of monkeys chilling their life at a beautiful white beach and playing with the tourists. Wrong tho. The beach was nice, no doubt. The monkeys... not. Well, when we arrived we haven't even seen some and when we did we thought okay, let's go over there. The smaller ones were okay, we thought they were friendly when they touched Mellis leg, but when big boss monster monkey came over to grab her leg and just bit in there fun was over. Well, we were still laughing. But ya, from that moment we were afraid. So we spent the rest of our time at Monkey Beach only enjoying the beach haha. It was a nice adventure anyhow. We paddled there with our Kayak which we got at Loh Dalum Bay! It was fun. For Melli too, no worries haha. But we decided to spend the upcoming days with less adventurous things like relaxing at Long Beach. It was quite a bit of a walk to get there, but what is waiting for you there is just beautiful! I think it's one of the nicest beaches I've ever seen and just feels like you're standing inthe middle of a postcard. If you can blend out the people around you haha.
One thing you don't want to blend out the people around you: nighttime on Koh Phi Phi! Loh Dalum Bay is filled with smiling faces watching the stunning fireshows, enjoying their happy hour drinks out of a little bucket or dancing around in the sand! I loved being out and about there.

Tips - food:

  •  Madame Resto: Serves good&cheap Thai food

Ao Nang (Krabi)

Our last destination before our ways split again. We enjoyed the sun at Ao Nang Beach - best time to go there is around 3 when the water is not that high anymore. Sunsets - awesome! And I liked the street going down to the beach. It's a cute little place to spend some calm days, otherwise Ao Nang is more of a place for people searching for trips to Islands.

So I sat on this post pretty long but I just kinda didn't find the right words which sucks.
Grr. Well, hope you enjoyed it either ways.
Have an awesome day and greeez from Spore.

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