Freitag, 5. Februar 2016


That was fucking awesome!!! It didn't end up being what I was hoping for (getting fucked up at the campground first and then enjoying some awesome acts and the festival site, which I was used to from our Southside experiences), but after smugglin some goon in and walking around ending up drinking with all kind of random people I still had a good time! Starting into the New Year with “The Wombats” performing is not too bad tho! I loved the setup of the campground& festival in general, still it was hard for me finding the right people to hang out with, which made everything kinda sad. But the last day was amazing so I could finish the festival with those memories which saved my trip! Getting drunk and being invited by my friend Chris, who I met on my trip to New York, to mission “finish the Bourbon”, having a water pistol fight in the sun and non stop dancing for the last 3 acts was pretty sick!!! Had a blast – even tho it took me a while to be able to enjoy myself.
Happy (very belated) New Year!! 

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